Ben’s New Glasses and Other Updates

For a few years, Ben has shied away from doing things that require hand-eye coordination and quick reactions, such as playing catch and other sports. We suspected that it might not be an inability to do these things as much as it was that his eyesight might have prevented him from doing them well, like seeing the ball clearly when it got close to him. He was always eager to try, but he would get frustrated and stop playing very quickly, moving on to something else that didn’t require such coordination.

Ben recently had an eye exam, and it was confirmed that he was far-sighted: 20/20 in one eye, but 40/20 in the other, which would help explain why he had trouble seeing clearly at certain perspectives. The doctor prescribed glasses with a corrective lens on one side, but we were concerned that Ben wouldn’t want to wear them. He spent some time with his mom going through a bunch of different colors and styles of frames, and it turns out that he loves his new glasses. Not only do they make him look even more like the world’s only six-year-old teenager, but he can see better: things are starting to look like “they are in 3D” to him. And now he wants to be an NFL quarterback when he grows up (because they only play 16 games all year, and they’re rich!), so we’re not sure whether it’s a good or bad thing!

Sophie is still growing and changing by the day. She’s fussy a lot, seems to spit up more formula than she drinks, and has developed a high-pitched hunger scream that has even Zachy jealous, but she’s also smiling and laughing a whole lot. She never stops moving (again, a lot like Zach) and has just started to scoot up and down when lying on her back, and backwords and forwards just a bit when she’s on her tummy. And her biggest supporter, Ben, is always there to talk to her and smile back at her (that is, when he’s not busy playing 3 or 4 different things at once).

Zach has been great about having Sophie around too. He still gets very frustrated that all our attention can’t always be on him, and he does cry or scream in a tantrum a few times a day. But he never, ever takes his frustration out on Sophie, and whenever Ben is playing with her, Zach always makes a point to make an appearance with her as well. The main goal for Zach for the last year or so has been to be “just like Ben”, which can be trying for his brother but kind of cute for the two-year-old.