Trick or Treat!

The boys were excited about going out this year and had a great time (even though Zach was sick). They both wore Jedi costumes: mom made their robes, and the boys had no trouble playing the part. Jody also made Sophie’s Princess Leia costume (hair buns and all), which lasted about 12 seconds without getting spit-up on!

John took Zachy up to Ben’s school in the afternoon for the parade and then they were invited back to the classroom for the party. Zachy got to sit with the big kids, who were very nice to him, so now he thinks he’s qualified for first grade (and that Ben has parties at school everyday. The teacher asked John to read the story to the class (“Hallo-weener”) and Ben said he did “Really good, he even used the voices”. I would have paid money to see that!

Then we went to Adam and Kara’s for pizza and trick or treating. They had a blast. Zachy is still recovering from croup, so we tried to keep it low-key, but it didnt work out very well. He held out though, skipping some houses while he ast in the stroller eating what he got so far, so he was happy. It was near 60 degrees at night so the kids were able to stay out. They happily fell into a sugar-crash coma about 9:30… let’s see if they have Halloween Hangovers tommorrow ;).

We’ve added some new pictures of Ben’s Halloween parade at school, and the kids in their costumes, in the “October 2005” section of the Pictures page.