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As you can tell, this page is now really old and really out of date!  I need your help to get it back in shape again! Please leave comments with your favorite dailies and the latest must-try links!

Some bad news …

My Neopets account, “daddymorebucks“, has been frozen by Neopets for what they claim was “using a bot”, which is otherwise known as cheating. This is unfortunate, and it’s also not true: I have never cheated on the site. My kids and I have spent way too much time on Neopets, playing games and collecting items, to do something stupid like jeopardize our accounts. But TNT doesn’t see it this way and hasn’t responded to our pleas for help, so the account will apparently remain frozen for good. 😦

The kids and I are pretty upset about it, and we’ll continue to ask TNT for help, but getting the account back doesn’t appear likely at this point.

Meanwhile, we have created a new account: “daddymorebuckstoo“. We’re starting out from scratch, so feel free to send some well-wishes, or send an item our way, or just drop a line and say “hello”.

Now, back to your reguarly scheduled dailies and links!

Every so often …

Once every 30 minutes:

Once every 40 minutes:

Once every hour:

Once every 2 hours:

Once every 3 hours:

  • Buried Treasure: costs 300 NP, guess where the treasure is buried for a share of the booty

Once every 4 hours:

Once every 6 hours:

Once every 8 hours:

Once every 12 hours:

Once every day …

Once every month …

All day long …

  • Games: submit all games 3 times per day




  • Rainbow Pool: If you want to change the color of your Pet or PetPet, and you have a paintbrush, this is the place to go

Other stuff …

For more guides and information:

Please don’t forget to leave a comment with ideas to add to this page!


17 thoughts on “Neopets stuff

  1. For King Skarl, I used this joke and he chuckled and gave me something:
    What do you call a blue Meerca?
    A blue Meerca!

    For the Wise Old King, i used this and he gave me some NP:
    A friend is equivalent to Christmas. (its short, but it worked. 🙂

  2. Thanks alexis. I think the prizes for the Kings are totally random, so the same thing one day will have different results the next. But if you get the same thing 2 days in a row, let us know!

    Dakota, I’ll add the Lunar Temple too, but that one is so hard that it’s kind of boring without a good guide, which I’ll try to add too 😉

  3. Hulloooo… Here’s something else to add to your list.

    It’s Adver-Video. Done FIVE times a day, you click “watch the video”, wait until the end (you can minimise it if you find it too boring) & at the end you get to spin a wheel to collect a random amount of neopoints. It’s quick & easy. 🙂

    There’s also a lot more of the sponser link things available if you want them. Just let me know.

  4. I dont think the wheel of misfortune is worth it. I played it and I got the blue demon lookin thing and it took ALL of my neopoints. Luckily, I had just deposited them all into a bank account, but think of what would have happened if I hadn’t. 😦

  5. sorry jenni. but that has happened to me too (lost 1000s of NP that way) and probably lots of other people. but it is called the wheel of *mis*-fortune for a reason: you can get good things too, but also some bad. it’s always a good idea to use the bank as much as possible.

  6. Hey! You didnt mention Jobs at the employment agency in Faerieland. you just have to press basic jobs every ten minutes (at exactly ten minutes) and you can only do five jobs a day, but you can make more than 10000 NP!

    ex: 11:40:00 NST, 11:50:00 NST

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