Turkeys and Toys

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! We decided at the last minute do make the drive down to Long Island (actually the boys made the decision), and we almost didn’t make it back!

Our car ended up breaking down a short while after we arrived. We were thankful that it didn’t happen during the long trip down, which wouldn’t have been much fun with the boys and the baby! With a lot of help from my mom and my father-in law, we were able to get it fixed and get back on the road a few days later.

Thanks to everyone who has given the boys gifts for their birthdays. They are greatly appreciative of every single one. We had planned on having them send out thank-you notes for each of their birthdays, but since they’re a month apart, and with Christmas being later this month, we decided to wait and send out combined (and nicer) thank-yous for both their birthdays and Christmas. This way, we can include a picture of Sophie and the boys under the tree… that is, if we can get them to sit still long enough to take a picture! I hope that will make it worth the wait.