What you really want to know about Christmas

We all know the true meaning of Christmas. But we also know the second-most important thing (at least, according to our family): giving gifts to kids and making them feel special. We can’t argue with that.

So, some people have been asking us what our kids want this Christmas (and if that topic really doesn’t interest you, you might want to stop reading this now!). Believe it or not, we don’t really know! In previous years, it was relatively easy to figure out: Ben and Zach had no trouble letting us know exactly what toys they were hoping to find under the Christmas tree. This year, it’s a bit more difficult: Ben just turned 7 and is in sort of an in-between stage, where he’s getting too old for many of his toys, and a lot of the toys for older kids are still a bit too old for him. And Zach, of course, usually wants what Ben wants, but he’s way too young for the older stuff.

So we’ve been begging and pleading them both for months now to help us come up with a list, so that when people came pleading to us for ideas, we wouldn’t have to say “I’ll get back to you.” Now, after about a month of “I’ll get back to you” responses, we finally have a few ideas:

For Benjamin:

  • We’re getting him a Leapster L-Max hand-held game system, so he could use any of the new L-Max games, as well as most of the regular Leapster games (such as The Incredibles).
  • The Hasbro iDog.
  • The Imaginext T-Rex Mountain playset.
  • Any Magnetix playsets: he likes the new sets (the ones that have light-up and flexable pieces) and the character sets (MagnaMan).

For Zachary:

  • Again, he’s also getting a Leapster L-Max, so any L-Max games (like Dora the Explorer) or regular Leapster games for ages 3 and up would be great.
  • Hot Wheels playsets, like the Hot Wheels Acceledrome.
  • Little People playsets.
  • Star Wars Galactic Heroes figures and playsets.

And, of course, for Sophia: well, she hasn’t really asked for anything. But she can use pajamas and winter and spring outfits, or maybe some Baby Einstein toys.

I hope that helps a little bit.