Merry Christmas!

Happy Holidays! Thank you to everyone who has already sent Christmas cards and gifts for the kids; the hardest part has been hiding the packages after they arrive!

We’ve sent out our Christmas cards to everyone, and gifts to the folks we know for sure that we won’t be seeing (as usual, Jody did just about all the work!). Since we’re planning on going “downstate” right after Christmas, we’re still debating whether to send down those gifts too or to try and bring them down with us. Either way, we hope you’ll receive them shortly before or after Christmas.

Obviously, it would be silly to give out our telephone numbers over the Internet, but if you’d like to see us while we’re on Long Island, please be sure to get in touch with John’s mom or Jody’s parents… they’ll know where to find us!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, or whatever you want to call it! Best wishes to all!

John, Jody, Ben, Zach, and Sophie