“The boy’s got a job!”

To echo the immortal words of Bob and Doug McKenzie’s father in Strange Brew: “The boy’s got a job!” It’s true, and I’m very happy and relieved, but it wasn’t fun nor easy, and we’ll still be broke for some time. Still, it’s nice, and I finally feel settled.

A No-Go on the Re-Lo

While we were first considering a relocation away from the Rochester area, my first interviews were with two great companies: a well-known software development company in Ithaca, and a government-backed research and development company in Schenectady. I have nothing but nice things to say about both of these organizations, both as companies and potential employers: they are nice, smart, professional people, and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking in those areas. I was fortunate enough to recieve offers of employment from both companies, and both packages included generous relocation benefits, but we just weren’t ready to move to another new place while we knew in our hearts that we would soon be returning to Long Island.

Next: Slick… Slippery… Slickery?


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