Slick… Slippery… Slickery?

Once our thoughts of a return migration from Rochester to Long Island became a reality, I began scrambling to send out resumes in hopes of landing an interview. I had a bunch of recruiters contact me, but they were all looking to fill short-term contract positions in New York City, and I was looking for a more long-term situation. My first interview was with an international petroleum mogul in East Meadow. It would have been a bit of a hike to commute by car (close to an hour and a half each way during rush hour times), and the HR personnel seemed a bit harried, but they were pleasant enough. The hiring folks with whom I met were older, mature, no-nonsense gentlemen, and although I had the experience and technical knowledge they were looking for, I was sure that my relatively young age would deter their interest (believe it or not… and I’m not exactly young!). So I wasn’t surprized when I didn’t hear anything from them immediately.I was surprized, however, a few weeks later when their HR folks called me with an offer, and this just a week before we were scheduled to make our move. As much as I was caught off-guard, I did have a few reservations about the company after visiting, and I had started to look heavily at other companies. In addition to this, and our getting ready for the big move, my grandmother had just taken ill. With all these factors at the forefront of my mind, I thanked the company for their offer and declined it, explaining the main reasons for my decision. A week later (the same day we began our move from Rochester), the hiring manager sent me an email (copying in all the other people who had been involved in my interviews) and said that they would be “willing to wait for three or four weeks time before [I] can join [their] Company.” One week from the time that email was sent, after we had moved and regained Internet access, I read that note, and I was flattered and kind of touched that they were so interested in me. Instantly, I replied to let him know that I was still interested and would like to discuss the position further.

I did not receive a response. In fact, during the next week, I sent two more email responses to the hiring manager, and two additional emails to the HR representative, and I never got a reply to any of those. Finally, after another week, I sent a hand-signed letter via Priority Mail to the HR rep, asking whether they were still interested in me. Three days later, the rep left me a voice mail, explaining that the position was “no longer available,” which is interesting, given that as of today, two months since the initial email from the hiring manager, the position is still on their web site and has been reposted to Internet job boards like [1]. Interesting, is it not? They giveth, and they taketh away… I guess oil’s not the only slippery thing there.

[1] Sadly, the listings were recently removed, but they were there as of another month after I had written this, for a total of three months later.

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