The Freak Squad

After buying a computer that didn’t work and spending frustrating hours on the phone with Dale and other top-notch technicians, I finally spoke to a Best Buy representative, who assured me that the proper course of action was to return the unit for replacement. So I went today for some more fun at Best Buy.

I returned to the local Best Buy store today, showed my defective computer and receipt, and proceeded to the Customer Service desk, where nobody, staff or customer, was waiting. I waited for another 15 minutes, and then when someone arrived, I was sent to the Computers section to get a replacement. When I arrived, someone came to help me immediately, but he was pulled by another employee, who was unfamiliar with the customer care plans and needed him to explain them to a customer. When he was through and I returned to the Customer Service desk to make the exchange, I was told that a “Geek Squad” crew member had tested my machine that that “He says it’s working fine.” I walked over to Mr. Geek Squad and saw that he had indeed plugged my old machine in and tried to boot it, and that he was staring at a PXE boot screen. He didn’t understand the problem: apparently, in Geek Squad speak, as long as the computer can consume power and its LED lights are illuminated, it’s “working fine.” After a few, painful moments of convincing this crack technician that there indeed was a problem, and a few perplexed glances in return, I walked back to the cashier, picked up my new computer, and walked out.

Of course, there’s absolutely no guarantee that this one will work when I plug it in either. But I can’t help but think that the odds are with me this time (update: I didn’t win the Mega Millions jackpot, but the “new” new computer did work when I plugged it in!).

And while I’ll never get back all this wasted time and aggravation, there is some comfort in knowing that people like Dale and the Geek Squad are out there helping people like me, and that, no matter where life may take me, there may just be a job for me in tech support.


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