It pays to be late … ?

I usually get to work well before 9 AM, but since my daughter woke up last night at about 3 AM (and, really, mostly because I’m lazy), I woke up late and didn’t get out the door in time. But I did end up getting to work around 9 AM, and I was lucky enough to time my arrival in coincidence with a pretty cool sight:

A U.S. Coast Guard helicopter had landed at the campus as part of a training exercise. Here, the copter is hovering just above the ground, almost hidden from view behind a street sign:

Coast Guard copter, 1 of 3

I got another shot of the copter just as it had lifted off and begun departure:

Coast Guard copter, 2 of 3

Finally, one in the air as it flew away:

Coast Guard copter, 3 of 3

The photos aren’t that great (taken with my cell phone), and they’re not from the best vantage point, but I took them while stopped at a traffic light and didn’t have much choice of perspective. And kind of a nice “reward” for being late to work! 😉


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