William Zullo

My uncle, Bill Zullo, passed away this weekend. He was 60.

William Zullo

I don’t know of anyone in my family who has heard of my Uncle’s passing and who isn’t in shock. My Uncle Bill was one of the most kind and amiable people I’ve ever met. He took great joy in children: in playing with me and my siblings and cousins when we were younger, and now with our own children. He went out of his way to get to know us, to make us feel comfortable, to understand what we liked, and to get involved in our lives in some way, big or small, anything from just playing a simple game of catch to giving advice on an important decision. Much like my Aunt Janet, his wife, he was not afraid of appearing to be childish or silly in front of other “adults” in order to attain the goal of making someone smile.

We will miss him greatly, and we will always remember his smile, his kindness, and his laughter.

My uncle’s wake will be held this Wednesday and Thursday in Bethpage, his funeral in Bethpage on Friday, and interment in Calverton. Please see here for details.


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