Quick update on the kids

I thought it was high time for an update on kids and what they’re up to lately:


Ben will turn nine next month. He’s in third grade: he doesn’t hate school, but he is growing to hate homework (I don’t blame him. I don’t think I was doing two hours of homework each night at his age). He’s been a stout vegetarian since age four, although Jody calls him a “carb-etarian,” since he refuses to eat many fruits and vegetables, opting instead to eat mostly starchy, processed food. He enjoys being a big brother, but he admits that having a four-year-old tag around during every possible waking moment can be a drain. He’s a good sport about it, most of the time …

Ben plays sports once in a while, but he prefers playing video games, reading, playing with toys that build (Bionicle, LEGO, etc.), and using his imagination. He likes Transformers, Star Wars, and Spider-Man, and he is just starting to get into Pokemon, and he enjoys watching TV episodes and collecting cards from the game.

When Ben grows up, he wants to be: a paleontologist.


Zach turns five in December. When Ben is around, he is his shadow and must do exactly what his older brother does, even if he physically can’t, which causes great frustration (and, usually, lots of screaming). But when Ben is away, Zach is very content to do his own thing. He loves to draw, build, and sing along with catchy songs (even when they’re only playing in his own head). He also likes to play with his sister when Ben isn’t around, but when Ben is near, Zach feels compelled to battle with Sophie for attention: Ben’s, his parents’, and anyone else’s. Zach seems to enjoy playing sports, but if his brother isn’t playing them, he’s not interested either.  Zach loves puzzles, dinosaurs, manta rays, sharks, and fruit (especially grapes).

When Zach grows up, he wants to be: a policeman.


Sophie is two. She started “potty training” a few weeks ago, and she’s doing very well. She started much earlier than her older brothers did, and she’s still very proud with every successful trip to the bathroom. She may be the most helpful of the bunch: she likes to help clean up, and she loves being a big sister to “Jakey”. Sophie is very good at keeping a balance between hanging out with her big brothers and still enjoying playing “princess.” Her favorite TV shows have been “Hi-5” and “Dora the Explorer” for some time now, but she now also likes “The Backyardigans” too (and so does Zach).

When Sophie grows up, he wants to be: a princess, and a bumblebee.


Jake is four months old. He had been sleeping through the night very well for a while, and he still does on occasion, but croup and a cold have been waking him up at night lately. He’s still a big boy: sometimes it’s hard to believe that he’s still so young when you hold him and realize how heavy he is! But he’s really cute, especially when he recognizes his family members and smiles for them. He just got a jumper that his cousins grew out of: Ben “showed” him how to jump in it, and he loves it … he was bouncing in it today, screaming with laughter!

When Jake grows up, he wants to be: a well-known, wealthy sports player, so that he can take good care of his parents. 😉

Incidentally, a tidbit of trivia: one of the kids’ favorite new TV shows is “Tak and the Power of Juju” on Nick Jr. Also, Ben and Zach have made a tradition of watching episodes of the old Hanna-Barbera cartoon “Wacky Races” every Saturday before bed. Why? I really don’t know; they just think it’s very funny (especially Dick Dastardly and Muttley).


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