Another bad sports day in New York

After another dispicable loss by the Jets this Sunday, I read a comment by someone who claimed that Chad Pennington “still REFUSES to throw the ball downfield. He actually throws it pretty well long but he just doesn’t do it.” This comment implies (among other things) that the QB is making a conscious effort not to throw the ball long when he can and should. If you really believe that, then it really is time for the guy to move on somewhere else, where he doesn’t get booed off the field when his entire team stinks. Who would you like him to throw to downfield? Coles? that would be my choice … and also he choice of every defense so far, who double-cover Coles everytime he heads past 10 yards. Who else both gets open downfield and doesn’t drop the ball consistently? Cotchery got open once downfield this week, and Pennington hit him for 21 yards. And do you think he’s calling all of these plays on his own?

I’m sure you’ll get your wish: can’t wait to see how Clemens does next week. He didn’t exactly shine in any of his performances so far. Pennington got 20 chances to throw the ball in this game, and he completed 13 of those for over 100 yards. In 3+ minutes, Clemens threw 12 times, completed 5, and got picked twice. You do the math.

How about 1st and 5 in Bills territory in the last minutes of the 1st half, and 3 straight runs that don’t produce a 1st down, but do result in a fumble? Or running out the clock with almost a minute left to close out the half? Or pulling Pennington in the 4th quarter with 3 minutes left, after running 3 plays that resulted in 2 runs from the shotgun (which didn’t get a 1st down) because the same exact two plays worked in the 1st quarter? Is that good playcalling by Mangini and Schottenheimer that the QB should have executed better?

How many times in this game could you get a 3- or 4-count in when the QB dropped back before he got hit? Should he just unload the ball and chuck it as far as he can just before he gets thrown down?

This seems like a typical response from someone who’s willing to blindly pin the blame of the whole team’s ineptness on one guy. When that guy leaves, and the team still sucks, who will you blame then?

Anyway, in other news: our good friend Alex Rodriguez has elected to opt out of his contract and test the free agent market. Mind you: this contract extension was not a one-year deal for piddly compensation: the extension covered the last three years of a $252 million contract.As a Yankee fan, I find his leaving bittersweet; I don’t think anyone else could have carried a “marquee” team the way he did this year. However, he seems content only when his presence transcends his team and the game itself. It kind of saddens me to see this happen over a few more million, which at his level of compensation can hardly make a difference. In addition, I think Scott Boras’s involvement with any negotiation is cancerous and not for anyone’s benefit but his own.

And by the way, look out, Mets fans: I’ve already heard that Jeff Wilpon is pining to talk with A-Rod and his manager once the paperwork is filed officially. The Mets thought moving Reyes from SS to 2B for Kaz Matsui was a good idea; why wouldn’t they do it for A-Rod? Good luck!


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