Bliss in Boston?

Even on the verge of another Super Bowl championship, a few news stories suggest that maybe all that glitters isn’t gold for the New England Patriots.

First, there’s this story about a true helmet head. The subject sums up his feelings with the statement: “I feel awesome … I feel like the Pats now.” Indeed: if getting your skull all inked up makes you feel “awesome” and lends you the delusion that you’re actually part of the team, more power to you.

Not as “awesome” a feeling as a hot iron on your bare brain is the sensation of being booed by an entire arena of NFL fans, as outlined in this story (which my wife brought to my attention). “Why should a champion be booed?” is an ironic question to come from the owner of a team whose fans chanted “Yankees suck” in the waning moments of their first championship game. Even more ironic is his explanation that “It’s sort of like the Yankees. There was a resentment, but a respect for the Yankees.” As a Yankees’ fan, I would like to respectfully decline that sort of respect, but thanks anyway.

And finally, our news report wraps up with a confirmation of the impeccable character of Patriots’ receiver Randy Moss, who allegedly spent his bye-week in a somewhat unproductive (and disrespectful) fashion with a “lady friend”. Maybe instead of taunting Cowboys’ fans with pictures of Jessica Simpson, Chargers’ fans will blow up pictures of Moss’s “lady friend” to greet him at the game this weekend.

It must feel great to win as often as the Patriots have lately. Yet sometimes “awesome” isn’t all it seems.

As a follow-up, I couldn’t resist including a link sent by a friend about the passing down of some good, wholesome family traditions by a Packers’ fan in Wisconsin.  It’s true that he may have scarred his son for life, but all is well in the land of the cheese head: the guy paid his dues ($186), and he “didn’t mean no harm”: “My wife was sitting right there, taking pictures, laughing.”  Good times.


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