Microsoft shows their true gamer colors

My wife just sent me a great blog article, which details the Xbox 360-related odyssey of Nathaniel, the inanity of Microsoft tech support, and a notably heroic gesture by Bungie, LLC.Nathaniel is apparently a raving lunatic over the Halo game series who collected memoriabilia from the games, some of which were collected directly onto his Xbox 360 gaming console, including some custom artwork and autographs by game developers.  Needless to say, this console was unique.  Also, needless to say, when Nathaniel’s Xbox broke, he was quite wary of returning it for repair, in fear that his one-of-a-kind console would go damaged, lost, etc.  But Microsoft’s tech support crew assured him that his unit would be fixed and returned safe and sound.

Of course, this wasn’t to be, and Nathaniel was horrified when his unique Xbox came back in not-so-unique form; it is unclear whether the case was simple wiped clean, or replaced by some seedy Halo fan along the way.

Luckily, Nathaniel’s story was championed by a blogger, who called attention to this “mishap” and garnished sympathy from many a fan.  Also, luckily, the article drew the attention of the people at Bungie, who were much more sympathetic than Microsoft and who did a really cool thing: they didn’t replace the Xbox for him, but they … well, you may have to see the “payload” for yourself to believe it.

I’ll have to see what games Bungie games I can go out and buy for any of the platforms I own, as I feel the need to support a big company that does good things like this for people, even when the problem had absolutely nothing to do with them.

The moral: sometimes tough stories have a happy ending, even when Microsoft still sucks.


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