Firefox 3, Neopets, and Image Clicks

This tip may help you if you are using Firefox 3, and you see a toolbar or pop-up message when trying to use an Image Clicks page.

If you’re using Firefox 3, and you visit a NP “image clicks” page, like the one at NeoAcademy, you may see a message like one of the following:

  • Firefox prevented this page from automatically reloading itself.
  • Firefox prevented this page from redirecting to another site.

You will also notice that the Progress meter never changes and remains at 0%. To keep Firefox from blocking the Image Clicks page:

  1. Click Tools –> Options, click Advanced, and then click the General tab.
  2. Un-select the option that says “Warn me when web sites try to redirect or reload the page.” See the following image:
    Firefox refresh and reload protect setting
  3. Click OK.

Please note: generally, this is a good setting to have enabled, since it keeps “questionable” sites from refreshing without your permission, or redirecting you to another page or site without your knowledge. However, it will also keep some Image Clicks pages from working correctly. So it’s up to you to decide whether to enable the setting and not use Image Clicks, or disable the setting (either temporarily while doing the clicks, or permanently) and use them.


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