Mythos is dead

Long live Mythos.

After a long haitus, tonight I eagerly fired up my copy of Mythos, which I had been beta testing since the beginning of the year.  All things considered, it had been quite a pleasant surprise, as the game was being provided completely free of cost and charges from its developers, Flagship Studios, who were developing Hellgate:London, and using Mythos as sort of a beta in and of itself for the Hellgate product.  Sure, it was a bit buggy, but each iteration of the game grew better and better, and the development team had been releasing updates almost weekly, some of which included massive expansions of the playing realms and character classes.  Open beta had been launched a few months ago, with the full release of the game sure to follow sometime soon.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t log in to the game’s servers tonight, and after lots of “can’t connect to server” errors, I gave up and tried to visit the Mythos web site for information.  No luck: time-outs there as well.  So I searched the ‘Web, and after weeding through several pages of search hits, found a few articles that proclaimed the demise of Flagship, Mythos, and all their other products.  As it happens, this was only partially true, but the financial hardship and reality were true enough to bring about the unfortunate demise of the Mythos development project.

The Seattle regimen of Flagship Studios, which was responsible for Mythos, has re-emerged as Runic Games, which currently has just a placeholder of a web site but is certainly worth keeping an eye out for in the (hopefully, not-too-distant) future.

But I am grateful to Flagship Seattle/Runic Games for their work on Mythos, and for what promised to be a great experience for all.  I only hope their resolve somehow emerges unfazed, and that something similar to what they had in Mythos is in store for game lovers.

Meanwhile, I guess I have little choice but to watch for news from Blizzard regarding the imminent release of Diablo III.  And since Diablo II and its Lord of Destruction expansion pack wasted so many hours of my waking life as to threaten my marriage (my wife hates video games), this should, at the very least, be interesting.

Of course, there’s always Puzzle Pirates for lots of bilging, sword fighting, and other fun, addictive games.  But is that quite the same as blowing up stuff with crazy magic spells … online?  I fear not!


4 thoughts on “Mythos is dead

  1. Thanks for the praise, I’m glad you enjoyed Mythos! It’s disappointing that we didn’t get to finish it, but the Mythos crew is still together and we’re hoping to parley the lessons we learned during development into an even better game. It should be playable in short bursts like Mythos, hopefully that will make your wife hate it less. 🙂

  2. You’re quite welcome, Volbard, and thank you for responding. I meant all I said, and I’m sure many other beta testers were looking forward to the final release of Mythos just as much as I was.

    It’s great to know you folks are still together, and that you’re looking forward to building on your experience into something new. I can’t wait to try it out. So sign me up for alpha, beta, delta … whatever phase you need help testing! And I can also make myself available to help out with docs and stuff of that nature.

    Thanks again, and the very best of luck to you and your team.

  3. Mr DeStefano Thank you for the article, especially the link to Runic. I had wondered what was going on with everyone involved with Flagship. I even Googled “Tiggs”.
    Count me among the many Mythos beta testers with a heavy heart. I found this article by Googling “bring back Mythos”, if that tells you anything. Anyway, thanks again for the info!

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