The Best of the Jets

Why do I have no regrets in no longer being a stalwart fan of the New York Jets?

Mostly because of intellectual types like this guy, who is now known throughout parts of the United States as the prototypical Jets’ fan:

"Let's Go Jets!"

"Let's Go Jets!"

I have been informed by a friend of mine that this fellow “produces” a weekly video of himself, in which he touts his American football IQ and spills the beans to the rest of we ordinary folk on the true goings-on of the NFL. His sage broadcasts have garnered himself quite a name in the YouTube world, to the very apex of popularity, from which he is invited to parties in rival teams’ cities so that he can, let’s say, provide “entertainment” and something of a counter-argument.

Last week, he wisely proclaimed that the Jets “are starting their season at [with a win/loss record of] zero and zero,” and then predicted that the Jets would “embarrass” the Dolphins in Miami and “start rolling over them” after halftime.  Interesting prediction: as it turned out, the Jets escaped with a narrow victory, only after watching their QB cast-off, Chad Pennington, outplay his replacement, the legendary Brett Favre, who watched from the sidelines, kneeling and sulking, while Pennington led the Dolphins on drive after drive in the second half and almost led them to a dramatic, last-second victory, thwarted by a beautiful, one-handed interception by Darrelle Revis in the corner of the end zone. Thankfully, our favorite fan also included what he calls some “coaching advice” for the Dolphins’ coach, “Tony Soprano”, which sounded to me (the uneducated, rogue fan) more like an observational cliche than advice.  But still: fascinating!

This week, he predicts the Jets will beat the New England Patriots.  Make it so, oh guru of the gridiron.

I encourage — no, implore — you: treat yourself by going to see this man’s amazing act of football foresight for yourself.

And there you have it: enough said.  And then some.


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