Use the Force (sparingly)

With the news that Star Wars: The Force Unleashed has finally been released, I feel compelled to offer a friendly warning: Friends don’t let friends use “The Force” (in real life).

As I read reviews of the game and its many interactive features, I can’t help but to think back a few years ago, when I first saw this homemade (and quite obviously, bootlegged) video of this, er, gentleman living out his wildest dream: training to “use The Force”!

I urge you to watch the entire clip, which is about two minutes long, although you may be inclined to stop much sooner: you will be rewarded with some very fancy moves near the clip’s end.

It’s fine to let your kids pretend to be Jedi.  And it’s even fine for you to pretend to be one, too … in the privacy of your own home.  But please, I beg you: don’t do The Force out in the wild.  It just doesn’t work.  And I’ll even share this little-known secret, in hopes that you’ll pass it along: The Force is never with those who don’t wear shirts.


3 thoughts on “Use the Force (sparingly)

    • Boy, this was a blast from the past … anyway: if you haven’t watched the linked video, do so; if you have watched it, and if you still don’t know what this means, I don’t know what to tell you.

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