Week 17: Penny and The Golden Arm

Hollywood called: they want their blockbuster movie script back.

The Young Man and his Old Tribe

The Young Man and his Old Tribe

The plot: A young man, briefly under the tutelage of an experienced leader, is thrown into the fire of battle when the veteran shows signs of age and futility.  The young man accels and propels his piers into battle, dragging them through uncertainty and adversity to success, which continues for years.  The young man is injured in battle, multiple times, and despite his fighting through these injuries and continuing to prove himself, his peers go futile, and his superiors attest their failure to the young man, assuming he can no longer do battle.

Meanwhile, another tribe cuts ties with another veteran, whose lore in battle is legendary, but who has grown old.  The young man’s elders hear of this experienced leader and woo them to their tribe.  No longer in need of the young man’s services, and in a show of a lack of faith and allegiance, the tribe releases him into the wild.

The Old Man and his New Tribe

The Old Man and his New Tribe

The crescendo: Rejected, but not to be deterred, the young man finds another tribe, who are full of youth and enthusiasm, but riddled with doubt, and haunted by the looming shadow of recent, utter failure.  The new tribe’s elders have heard of the young man and his success, and they welcome him with open arms, though some of the tribe and its supporters are skeptical of one who seems to be a mere castaway.

The young man, eager to taste success again, joins the tribe, convinces them of their ability, and spurs them on to victory after victory, lending them tutelage, counsel, and leadership by example along the way.  Their success continues in parallel to that of the young man’s old tribe, which now includes the old man but has many leaders instead of just one.  The success of the young man and his new tribe surprises his old tribe, as they fight their way through separate paths to the same remote destination, to prove their worthiness and ascend above the others to immortality.

The climax: The young man, the old man, and their tribes find their paths crossed in their quest for domination, and they clash in a winner-take-all battle for supremacy and the right to continue on the road to divination.

The Young Man and his New Tribe

The conclusion: Tune in to the Meadowlands in New Jersey on December 28 to learn the fate of the prodigal son (sort of): find out who wins in Week 17 and lives to fight on through January.

The credits: All rights reserved. If you want to turn this into a movie (which you definitely should), I want rights to the screenplay and the director’s chair. Or, maybe just an autographed game jersey would be enough. 😉


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