Practical Plone 3 to be released

It’s true: the book is about to be made available — and can no longer be called “vaporware”!

A few of us burned the midnight oil this past Monday, and the final version of the book, Practical Plone 3: A Beginner’s Guide to Building Powerful Websites, was sent to press early Tuesday morning.  In addition, according to Veda Williams (who had a great deal to do with the book’s being completed), the price of the book is about to jump $10 USD due to its unexpected length: the proposed page count was 360, and the final count is over 560 information-packed pages of Plone goodness.  Therefore, if you’re thinking of buying the book, now is the time, before the page count (and price) are officially updated.

Update: the book is now available for purchase on and has been received by some of those who were crazy enough to pre-order it. 😉

Unfortunately, due to Amazon’s listing limitations, not all the authors are included in the books by-line.  We’re told that Packt and Amazon are looking to rectify this.


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