February is the coolest month …

April may indeed be “the cruelest month”, but I had the good fortune of being published in two books in February!

Some folks may have already seen my posts on Practical Plone 3, a technical book on the Plone content management system, to which I contributed a chapter on LDAP integration.

But I was also lucky enough to have been selected for a contribution to a book of perspectives on the inauguration of U.S. President Barack Obama: Jan. 20, 2009 is a collection of articles, poetry, and prose by a vast and diverse cast of contributors.  I almost feel ashamed by my entry, as it comes nowhere near the level of detail, personal reflection, or heart as some of the others.  But since mine is buried all the way back at page 104, I’m sure most readers will never even notice it! 😉

WEbook.com was responsible for the publication, and I am proud to have been a small part of it.

By the way, if you’re kind enough to consider purchasing either book solely for my sake, please think again: I will not receive any royalties for my contributions to either book.  Sales of Practical Plone 3 benefit The Plone Foundation, and proceeds from Jan. 20, 2009 go to 826 National.  So while they’re both great causes, and I appreciate the sentiment, if you’re not at all interested in the subject matter, please don’t buy them.  But if you are into either Plone or an interesting collection of takes on Obama’s inauguration, go for it!


2 thoughts on “February is the coolest month …

  1. Congrats John. I know how intelligent you are and an excellent writer. Is this your first experience having any of your work published? Either way, this is so exciting. I’m sure there will be a lot of sales. That’s great to know that your name will get around. Who knows, this may take you even further!!!
    Take care.

    I believe that Paul’s wife, Elaine is into writing too. The last I heard she was goign to seek out some publishers. Maybe you two have something in common and can exchange ideas?? 🙂

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