MacHeist 3

Lots of Mac applications and games — and a donation to your choice of charities — for a very low price.

If you own a Mac, take a look at MacHeist’s third bundle collection of applications and games.  For just $39, you can grab yourself the following:

  • iSale – online auctioning assistant
  • World of Goo – really cool game
  • WireTap Studio – digital recording utility
  • Big Bang Board Games – suite of 7 digital versions of classic games (limited supply of this item)
  • SousChef – digital cooking assistant
  • PhoneView – data management companion to iPhone and iTouch
  • many other applications and games, and even more to be “unlocked” as more bundles are ordered.

On top of this, the MacHeist crew is donating 25% of each purchase to any one (or all) of ten deserving charities, including (among others) the World Wildlife Fund, Save the Children, AIDS Research Alliance, Prevent Cancer Foundation, and The Nature Conservancy.

Check out the MacHeist 3 bundle offer here.


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