A Call for Music

A plea for some rare audio recordings from the past.

I don’t often ask for favors, and I can’t expect much of a response to this one, but one can always hope: at times, the Internet proves itself to be one remarkable beast.

I’m looking for music from the following:

  • Innocent Children was a Long Island band from the late 1980s and early 1990s. Despite the band members’ varied backgrounds, and a range of influences from classic rock to heavy metal, they managed to produce a nearly-unique sound, remarkable and original songs, and a modest following.  Talented band members included Oliver Banek, Jason Bennett, James Dutton, and David Wheeler; I was privileged enough to be a part of the band for some time.  They collaborated on many live performances, mostly at eastern Long Island venues, and on studio work on two songs, which were recorded in an East Hampton, NY, studio that I can no longer locate.
  • The band Jakob’s Ladder later spawned from the members of Innocent Children and evolved to include a few more remarkable musicians: Brian Haag, Kelly Rhodes, Chris (my feeble mind can’t remember his last name; sorry!), and the late, great Paul Miller.

I would be greatly indebted to anyone in possession or knowing the whereabouts of any recordings of the music of either band. I’d also love to hear from the musicians, or any fans of the bands who remember anything about their music.  And I’d be more than happy to share this information and music with anyone interested, perhaps on the web.


One thought on “A Call for Music

  1. Hello john,
    That is ahhhhh hheelllloo..! I live around the corner from you… Lol… I did see you a lil ways back ?’ I think in ’09… Anyway it was a surprise to see this blog in search of the past… That was sum good music and times … I have often wondered who would hold some of the recordings or anything… If you found anything let me know… Would to here it or from you… Take care… Your old friend Oliver

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