Attack of the Firewall

A marketing spam attack by a software firewall?

I awoke one morning last week to be greeted by this image on my computer screen:

Global Virus Alert!

A warning from ZoneAlarm that "Your PC might be in danger!"

After investigating what appeared to be a fishy and somewhat disingenuous warning, I’ve found my suspicions to be warranted:  it seems that ZoneAlarm felt it appropriate to send the users of its free firewall software a pop-up message, telling them that their PCs “may” be infected with a new Trojan virus … and that only the paid version of ZoneAlarm can save them and set them free.

These scare tactics from Check Point were unexpected, and I find them despicable. I dislike using Windows to begin with, but it’s a necessity in my home, and I rely on products like ZoneAlarm to keep an inherently vulnerable operating system safe, not to frighten me into purchasing additional software.

Anyone know of a good, free firewall for Windows 7 … without the fear factor?

Update: yep, it was the software.  I just received another, much less covert pop-up from the software:

Yet another ZoneAlarm pop-up ad

Yet another ZoneAlarm pop-up ad


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