Free Live Radiohead

A remarkable effort for the fans, by the fans, and made possible by a generous audio contribution by the band.  Did I mention that it’s available for download … for free?

If you’ve not had the opportunity nor the pleasure to see the band Radiohead live in concert, the time is now: in a unique, collaborative effort, live fan video and live soundboard audio have been painstakingly spliced and orchestrated into a new DVD of the band’s performance in Prague, in the Czech Republic, last August.

View info and download here (and please remember to seed your download):

The image is double-layer, meaning you’ll need a DVD burner capable of writing DL (~8 GB) images.  If you don’t have one, or you have no idea what I’m talking about, you can still download the image and watch it on your computer: just drag the folder into any decent media player, such as VLC, and enjoy!

Radiohead Prague

Radiohead Prague fan DVD

For those who would rather watch the tracks without downloading anything: YouTube video links have been added for each track.


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