Humble Indie Bundle (3)

A great deal (actually, a you-name-the-price deal!) on a great collection of cross-platform games.

The Humble Bundle has released Humble Indie Bundle 3, a bundle of cross-platform, DRM-free games, with a pricing model of, well, none: you name the price as a donation to the game developers, your selection of charities, or your preference of a combination of both. Yes: “any price” means you can pay just a penny if you like, but any payment of less than $1 USD will require that you fill in an extra captcha form field to filter out form abusers.

The bundle currently consists of five games:

  • Crayon Physics Deluxe
  • Cogs
  • Hammerfight
  • And Yet It Moves

After purchase, the games can be downloaded independently, or redeemed via central gaming sites Steam or Desura.

Please have a look at this great collection of games, for a great price!

Update: as a new “Humble Bonus”: everyone who buys the bundle gets a code to play Minecraft for free until August 14th.

Another update (Aug 1): due to the success of the bundle, an additional game, Steel Storm, has been added for new and existing bundle buyers!  Yet another reason to contribute to this great bundle and cause.

An update within an update (Aug 3): In what is being called “A bundle within the Bundle”, those who purchase this bundle also get the five games contained in the Humble Indie Bundle 2 for free!  That’s Braid, Cortex Comment, Machinarium, Osmos, and Revenge of the Titans, all in addition to the original five and the previous bonus.  You’ll get Steam and Desura keys for these games, too.  And, no: I don’t make anything off of this bundle!  I have no affiliation with it; I just think it’s an incredible deal and for an excellent cause.

And another update: Now (Aug 5) Atom Zombie Smasher is included in the bundle as another bonus game.


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