What time is it?

Eli time!

Eli time!

Time for that fourth time-out call! Picture source: myself; still pulled from FOX Sports video feed.

What time is it when you’ve been run over by a San Francisco freight train, the clock is running out, and you’re all out out of time outs?  Time to call another time out, of course!  We call this “Eli Time” (previously known in NCAA basketball as “Chris Webber Time”).

Sometimes I can’t help but wonder how this guy remains an NFL quarterback, let alone an “elite” player. Yet he continues not only to remain relevant, but somehow just keeps on winning.  Yeah, sure: the 49ers gave this game away — more than once — and you could argue that Alex Smith made more plays in 26 pass attempts — and in 6 carries for 42 yards — than Eli did in 58 attempts.  But the Giants didn’t quit, and neither did Eli.  I can’t fault him for that.


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