About me

I am an engineer for a computer science division of the Physics Department at a renowned research laboratory here in New York. Much more importantly: my wife and I are the proud parents of four insanely awesome children (who are also insane, and who happen to be bringing at least one of their parents down that very same route. But they really are awesome.).

I’ve been involved in technical publications for over 10 years, one contribution being a chapter in a book on the Plone CMS.

In other writings, I’ve recently had an entry included in a diverse perspective on the inauguration of President Barack Obama, and another entry included in a collection of poetry.

A few of the random things I’d wish for include:

And while I’m wishing for the improbable, how about:

  • Infinite wealth, health, and time. OK; maybe that’s just being greedy. How about just enough of each to keep my family happy?
  • For Chad Pennington to win a Super Bowl. Just seems like a decent, classy guy who’s been under-appreciated and quite unlucky throughout his career. If anyone deserves one of those rings, I think he does, and I’m sure my friend Paul would agree, as would many others.
  • For the band Radiohead to sponsor and produce an album for me

Is that too much to ask?


One thought on “About me

  1. I noticed this blog while searching for classmates for a high school reunion. Not sure if this blog is still active. I am looking for a William Zullo who graduated from Lindenhurst HS in 1965. I’m wondering whether this classmate was you Uncle Bill. Please respond

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