The future was now

It’s hard to believe the number of excuses being made for Kellen Clemens’s play so far as the starting quarterback for the Jets, and the claims that the “Thanksgiving Massacre” (as many now like to call it) was just “one bad game”.  It wasn’t. Continue reading


A Sunday sermon

My dear friend Paul:

I miss you. Aside from what you meant to your family and friends, aside from our friendship, the selfish good friend in me sometimes wishes your leaving hadn’t left me without anyone to talk with on Sundays. Nobody seems to understand what I go through, week in and week out, all culminating and releasing on Sunday afternoon. Nobody is interested in my worship, nor the anguish it brings me, each and every week. Nobody understands the teasing, the name-calling, the civil strife between common components, the pain. And it’s all your fault. Continue reading